The Black Spider

Mysterious individual who ordered the kidnapping of Grunden to Cragmaw Castle.


The Black Spider is a name that keeps popping up in various nefarious happenings in our area. It ordered a kidnapping, is in cahoots with the Redbrands. We’ve a feeling that an encounter will inevitably occur someday.

We’ve learned from Iarno Albreck, aka GlassStaff that the Black Spider is a drow (dark elf) who has come onto the scene recently. It is hiding out in the Lost Wave Echo Cave, location of the legendary Forge of Power. This forge was used many centuries ago by a collaborating group of humans, dwarves, and others to make magical weapons, among which is Lightbringer, a magical mace. Eventually some orcs and an evil wizard banded together to fight the aligned dwarves/humans and end civilization. After this conflict the location of the cave was lost. Black Spider followed the Rockseeker dwarves to the cave originally.

The Spider is trying to control any knowledge of the location of the cave, thus it ordered the map to be stolen from Gundren Rockseeker who had a map and was trying to make his way to back to the cave with Sildar and others.

Black Spider was also instrumental in the formation of the Redbrands with Iarno.


The Black Spider

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