Iarno Albrecht

A traitor Lord's Alliance wizard. aka GlassStaff.


Iarno was sent to Phandelin by the Lord’s Alliance to help civilise the community. At some point in his mission, communications with him were lost.
Sildar Halwinter was then sent to track him down.
Within the community of Phandelin we learned he is well-liked and secretly the leader of yhe Redbrands.
During our attack on the Redbrands he escaped with a glass staff leading us to assume he is the infamous entity GlassStaff.
We last thought he had fled to Cragmaw Castle.

We captured GlassStaff outside of Cragmaw, defeated. He gave himself up to find justice in Phandelin. Percy grabbed his glass staff, the Staff of Defense. The location of his spellbook is unknown.


Iarno Albrecht

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